Green Tree Boulevard, Joint Venture Project between SBCTA, City of Victorville, and the Town of Apple Valley

San Bernardino County, CA

The $46.8-dollar joint SBCTA, City of Victorville, and Town of Apple Valley project is a critical component of the region’s High Desert Corridor effort and will extend Green Tree Boulevard to provide an additional east-west route to Interstate 15 via the Yucca Loma Bridge. A vital element of this project is the construction of a 600-foot-long bridge over two natural drainage courses and the BNSF Railroad, which will make it the longest bridge in Victorville. Additional project features include the construction of new turn lanes and a traffic signal at the Green Tree Boulevard/Ridgecrest Road intersection, the widening of Ridgecrest to four lanes, and the integration of bike lanes throughout the length of the project. Overall the project is expected to utilize nearly 55-million pounds of asphalt, 24-million pounds of concrete, one million pounds of rebar, and nearly two billion pounds of dirt to extend Green Tree Boulevard 1.5 miles and connect the communities of Victorville and Apple Valley.

Twining is providing geotechnical engineering and quality assurance materials testing and inspection services as a subconsultant to the project construction management team, which began in 2021. The firm’s scope includes observation, inspection, and testing via an on-site laboratory of earthwork and grading for the roadway alignment, bridge, retaining wall, and box culvert; compaction testing of the aggregate base and subbase; field and laboratory testing of lean concrete base and Portland cement concrete elements; field testing and materials sampling of hot mix asphalt; pile driving monitoring; and CWI field and shop inspection of welds. Twining also supports the project’s source inspection scope with laboratory testing of welded hoops.


Parsons Transportation Group, Inc. on behalf of: SBCTA, City of Victorville, and Town of Apple Valley joint-venture

Services Provided

  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Geotechnical Observation and Testing During Construction
  • Special Inspections; Materials Testing Laboratories

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