City of Oceanside, Citywide Pavement Overlay

Oceanside, CA

The City of Oceanside Engineering Division is an integral part of the City’s Development Services Department charged with the design, management and construction of Capital Improvement Projects (CIP).

The City’s CIP includes the Pavement Management Program (PMP) to repair and apply maintenance treatments to local, collector and arterial streets. The PMP provides an ongoing condition assessment of City streets and recommends the streets to be selected for rehabilitation to cost effectively maximize pavement longevity. Utilizing the City’s PMP in conjunction with citizen requests, the City has selected Mission Avenue, Industry Street, and in the River Oaks Apartments/Rancho Hermosa Senior Homes neighborhood, off of Rancho Del Oro Drive to receive pavement rehabilitation as part of the 2020-2012 overlay project.

The project utilizes rehabilitation methods such as full-depth reclamation, varying depth of asphalt concrete cold-mill and overlay, localized areas removal and replacement of pavements, and 2-inch asphalt rubber hot mix AC overlay and slurry seal. Twining is providing geotechnical and materials testing and inspection services on the pavement rehabilitation program.


City of Oceanside

Services Provided

  • Asphalt Testing and Inspection

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