Cedars-Sinai, Marina Del Rey Replacement Hospital

Marina del Rey, CA

The replacement tower project consists of a nine-story hospital building and a total planned area of 310,000 square feet. The tower will provide an initial 96 patient beds, with two-shelled floors to add an additional 64 beds. The plan further reflects 28 emergency treatment rooms, 10 operation rooms, 2 cath labs, 2 endoscopy procedure rooms, 8 imaging modalities, and required administration and clinical support facilities. The Central Energy Plant component of the project will be founded on deep auger cast piles, which will support a 2-story, 20,000-square-foot structural steel frame with composite metal decks, reinforced masonry walls, and composite concrete fill.

Twining is providing the following engineering oversight, deputy inspection, and material testing services on a periodic, and/or continuous basis, in accordance the standard of care customary with HCAI projects:

  • Structural steel shop fabrication and Non-destruct Testing (NDT)
  • Structural Steel field visual inspection
  • Identify and inspect fabrication of reinforcing steel at the shop
  • Reinforced concrete- Twining Concrete Inspector(s) and ACI Technician
  • Batch Plant Inspection (Assumes full-time)
  • Spray-applied fireproofing
  • Epoxy dowels (periodic), wedge anchors (periodic), and embeds (periodic)
  • Inspection & Pull testing of post-installed anchors and wire hangers

Our scope of work also includes:

  • Prepare for issuance to the construction contractor, as required, written Notices of Non-Compliance using appropriate forms
  • Attend project progress meetings, and other special meetings as deemed by the project Inspector-of-Record
  • Provide hard-copy reports of all testing services performed to the client, HCAI, Structural Engineer, Architect and IOR, and material testing and special inspectors in hard copy
  • Respond to the project material and special inspectors scheduling, and coordination for special inspections, and sampling testing services. Provide sufficient copies to the project inspector. Distribution shall include Cedars-Sinai, HCAI, architect, and Inspector of Record (IOR)



Services Provided

  • Special Inspections; Materials Testing Laboratories

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