Industrialized Buildings

Our team has provided plan review and inspection services for the HUD manufactured housing and state modular building industry for over 50 years. With experienced Engineers, and certified Plan Reviewers and Inspectors, we serve the HUD manufactured housing in all states as well as state modular building industry in every state (and even parts of Canada) that possess recognized modular programs. In states that do not have a recognized modular program, we can provide assist in the plan review and/or inspections there as well. In addition, we provide consulting and guidance to new Manufacturers who are exploring the HUD Manufactured Housing Industry or the diverse state modular programs and regulations for those who need assistance with certification. We provide feedback and suggest solutions for specific design problems to help the Manufacturer accomplish compliance.

We are a nationally approved third-party agency under all states established modular programs and recognized by the IIBC. Our plan review and inspection services include the following: residential (HUD and Modular), industrial, food establishments, mixed-use developments, homeless shelters, special purpose commercial modular, recreational vehicles, park models, tiny homes, MRI units, multistory projects and much, much more. In addition, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical/HVAC, plumbing, thermal and gas-piping system plan review and inspection services.

What sets us apart from our competition is our people and their dedication and experience. We pride ourselves on our immediate response to our client needs whether it is meeting project deadlines or answering questions in a timely manner. We will also work with our clients to minimize costs on their designs and inspections. We pride ourselves on our quick turnaround time, pricing, and excellent customer service. Our mission is to help you realize your vision.

Manufactured Housing Program (HUD)

The Design Approval Primary Inspection Agencies (DAPIAs) approves manufactured home designs for compliance with the Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards. The Inspection Primary Inspection Agencies (IPIAs) inspects manufactured home facilities to ensure that in-plant quality assurance systems continue to build conforming homes.

We are fully approved by HUD as a DAPIA (plan review agency) and IPIA (inspection agency) in the Federal Manufactured Housing program since its inception in 1976. Our team has served on the HUD Manufactured Housing Consensus Committee (MHCC). We maintain a good standing with HUD, and IBTS, and has held an “Adequate” rating on its performance for more than ten years.

Our plan review has evolved over the years to meet our clients’ needs and specifications. We use state-of-the-art technologies to accommodate the fast turnaround time for approvals to help our clients keep their edge in this competitive market. They range from e-mail transactions of work orders to electronic stamping, as well as feedback on a job’s status. Even with this technology, we still maintain our immediate one-on-one personal support for our clients, either in person or over the telephone. Our latest technology is real-time Virtual DAPIA. The client can choose to have their packages accessed via a secure website to review, search, and print any of their approved documents.

We strive to provide the closest inspector to your location. As a result, our experienced inspectors are available for inspections across the country, to help you make a more affordable product.

States Modular Programs

With over 40 years of experience in the modular building industry, we not only ensure the quality of the home itself, but also its compliance with all applicable codes and regulations. We have a successful partnership with the Modular Building Institute to stay abreast of consumer demands and industry news.
Our team possess the expertise to provide architectural, electrical, mechanical/HVAC, plumbing, and gas-piping system design and/or plan review. Our experienced consulting staff can aid in the design and approval of building designs in all state’s modular programs, as well as parts of Canada. Also, our plan review staff can review code compliance for occupancy or use.

We are an approved third-party agency under all states’ modular programs, from Washington and California to New York and New Jersey. For the states that do not have a modular program, our team is available to help with preliminary plan review to assist the manufacturer with the local jurisdiction approval, in addition to performing the in-plant inspection specially.

Interstate Industrialized Building Commission” (IIBC)

We have been an IIBC recognized and approved third party since its inception. The Interstate Industrialized Building Commission (IIBC) was created in the early 1990s, when the states of Minnesota, Rhode Island, and New Jersey each enacted the Interstate Compact for Industrialized/Modular Buildings. The purpose of the compact was to streamline regulations that govern industrialized (modular) buildings from the design and manufacture to delivery and installation. This also eliminated costly duplication of reviews and inspections by multiple jurisdictions. Other states that have reciprocity agreements to accept IIBC label product are of North Dakota and Wisconsin. We are authorized by IIBC to provide both residential and commercial modular building inspections, and plan approval services. Our IIBC certified plan approval and inspection staff is located throughout the United States to assist and service modular manufacturers that produce product under the IIBC program.

Not only do we help solve your code related problems, but we also keep you abreast of the latest developments in code adoptions, amendments, and interpretations with our continuous communications. This service is made available exclusively by us for our clients.

RVs & Park Trailers

We are proud to be a longtime supporter and supplier of professional technical services to the Recreational Vehicle (RV) and Recreational Park Trailer (RPT) Industries. Nationally recognized as a design review and inspection agency for all types of factory-built structures, we are fully approved by all third-party RV and RPT code states. Further, we support the RVIA and are fully approved as a third-party inspection agency for RPT.

Additionally, we also offer design submittal CAD drafting service for all code within the states and Canada. Our experts have first-hand knowledge of the requirements in all locations.* One way we have found to support and benefit our industry is to utilize our professional expertise on standards writing committees. We donate professional time and money each year to serve on the following committees, which directly impact the RV and RPT industries:

NFPA National Electrical Code Panel 19, which writes NEC Articles 551 Recreational Vehicles and Recreational Vehicle Parks and NEC Article 552 Park Trailers.
ANSI A119.5 Recreational Park Trailers.
ANSI A119.2 / NFPA 501C Recreational Vehicles.
ANSI / RVIA EGS-1 Engine Generator Sets.

*Note: This service is not available if we provide state recognized third party design review for your facility

Recognized Evaluations
Motor Home
Van Conversions
Park Models
Handicapped Conversions
Travel Campers
Fifth Wheels
Truck Campers
Tent Camper

Energy Star & Green Certification

Under the Systems Buildings Research Alliance (SBRA) Energy Star programs for Manufactured Housing (HUD) and Modular Housing, we are an approved Energy Star certifier. For more information on the program features, please read the following.

Energy Star is a nationally recognized, voluntary program designed to identify and promote energy efficient products, new homes, and buildings to consumers and businesses across the United States.

This program often provides qualification for rebates or utility discounts for energy efficient housing. For updated information on incentive programs, please check the SBRA website.

Additionally, we are an approved certifier under the SBRA Certified Green with Energy Star Modular Home program

Fire Sprinkler Plan Review and Inspection Services

California was the first State to adopt regulations for fire sprinkler systems in manufactured homes. Since the inception of the program, we have held certification by the State of California Housing and Community Development Department, as a Design Approval Agency and Quality Assurance Agency, under the Fire Sprinkler System Program for Manufactured Housing in the State of California.

Today, our team has approved and inspected thousands of units. With a phenomenal turnaround time, quick response, and communication with the designers, manufacturers, and inspectors, we keep our clients and their product safe, in compliance with the codes, without affecting the flow of the production line.

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