City of Hope, Duarte Outpatient Clinic ATS

Duarte, CA

The new outpatient center at the City of Hope Duarte Campus will encompass over 350,000-square-feet. This $247 million new construction will be 8-stories, the state-of-the-art ambulatory care facility will be the largest on the campus.

Twining is providing testing and inspection throughout the construction of the clinic. Our scope of work includes:

Structural Tests:

  • Concrete (Cementitious materials): CBC 1705A.3, 1903A.6 & 1910A.1; ACI-318 1.9.1 & 26.4
  • Concrete (Aggregates/Reactive aggregates): CBC 1705A.3, 1903A.5; ACI-318 1.9.1 & 26.4
  • Concrete (Water): CBC 1705A.3, ACI-318, ASTM C1602
  • Concrete (Strength test): CBC 1705A.3 & 1905A.1.15; ACI-318 26.12
  • Post-Installed Anchors (Installation verification test including adhesive, shot pins and mechanical anchors): CBC 1910A.5

Structural Special Inspections:

  • Concrete (Placement of Concrete): CBC 1705A.3; ACI-318 26.5.2 & 26.13
  • Concrete (Admixtures): CBC 1705A.3; ACI-318
  • Concrete (Mix Design): CBC 1705A.3; ACI-318 26.4
  • Concrete (Cast-In-Place & Post-installed anchors): CBC 1705A.3
  • Concrete (Batch Plant Inspection): CBC 1705A.3.3

Fire Protection and Life Safety System Special Inspections:

  • Penetration Firestops (Penetration firestop systems that are tested and listed: CBC 1705A.17.1


City of Hope

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